sql injection coding sips

Sql Injection is a technique where malicious users tries to update sql query in a webpage by inputting some special characters like 1 or 1=1 or 1 or may be other set of such characters lets study a webpage with url www.somedomain.com/news.php?id=2 This page showing news which is saved at number 2, and in PHP coding it has a query […]

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image uploading

It is an easy task to upload image files and create its smaller version as thumbnail. Thumbnails are smaller version of Images to reduce its size to use these smaller version of images where small image can work well instead of using actual image which is bigger in size and dimensions. this method results into optimized overall page-load. To start […]

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This article will help you connect mysql database with PHP using mysqli function, MySqli is Improved version of mysql function previously provided by PHP which is deprecated in new versions of PHP. Lets start with database connection we need 4 things to connect to database Host : which system/computer has datbase User : what is username to connect to database […]

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