Emirates ID reader support All web browsers using Windows Service

Emirates ID Reader web app

In this blog I will explain Emirates ID reader support all web browsers using Windows Service, before this one I have developed solutions for Old Emirates ID, then upgraded that one to New Emirates ID too, but both of those were based on Google Chrome Extension and were limited to Chrome browser only. 

But this solution is based on Windows Service that’s why there is no limitation to use any specific browser, instead it will work on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or any other browser or even desktop application running at that PC.

This Windows Service is not continuously scanning card in infinite loop, instead it will only scan card when it receives HTTP request, after getting HTTP request it will start scanning Emirates ID and put all the data in JSON string along with image as base64 string, and return as response to the requester.

There will be just 2 steps to configure it on any PC

1- Download, Install and Start Windows Service

1.1- Download Windows Service files

1.2- Open cmd as administrator to install Service

 In below command Replace installUtil.exe path and the Windows Service paths as per your environment, and then run it

1.3- Go to Services using services.msc locate Alam Emirates ID Reader, Double click it and then click Start button

It will provide you a URL for example Http://localhost:8585/alameid

Calling that URL will initiate the Windows Service to start scanning Emirates ID and return the data as JSON string.

You can call it through ajax request from your web application or via HttpClient request from you desktop applications too. 

2- Make HTTP request from website to this Windows Service

Currently there is no trail version available, but you can contact Alam at alampk.com or productsalampk.com or whatsapp at 0509187558 to get paid version of it.

Watch the Demo here


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