Emirates ID reader and Google Chrome via Extension and Console App

Emirates ID reader

Emirates ID Reader in Chrome

by alampk.com

1.1- Download required dlls and console app and extract it.

1.2 You will need .net framework 3.5 64 bit installed to run above app

2.1- Go inside extracted folder and Double click install_host.bat file to create registry key.

3.1- Download chrome extension named ADCS EID Reader from Google chrome webstore.

Now you will be able to read a card at readme.html as well as here on this page, Insert card in card reader and click below Read Card button
  response from console app will come here

3.2- For coding help open readme.html and see what code is there, you can update control ids and classes but I have the following

3.3- In you page the following html objects should be there

  1. .simulateEidResponse (hide it using css in development mode)
  2. #txtNationalNumber
  3. .btn-readCard
  4. optional, if you are not keeping these than you have to modify .simulateEidResponse click event accordingly.
    • .eid-wrapper
    • .spinner-border

4- Insert card, read it and chill

Some developers contacted me that it is now working with them even trying many time, I have updated zip folder and also added EIDA_SDKSetup_V2.8.1.exe
I hope installing this app will install all required dlls and other dependancies. so request those friend developers to install this also, they might get out of the issue.




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