creating virtual hosts

When we install WAMP or XAMP for development purpose, it has one Virtual Host by default that is localhost. all projects or websites we create are sub-folders in that single Virtual Host.and can can only put our projects inside default folder www for WAMP and htdocs for XAMP.when we access our projects our urls are something like the following


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Apache Get Set Environment Variables

like windows Environment Variables we have some variables at Apache/PHP level, there are some default Environment Variables while we can also set our custom variables according to need of our application. Scope wise these are Super Global Variables, although we can limit our custom vars to our application only we have discussed it step 4 below. Lets have a look […]

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Some times we install some applications or software which uses port 80 thats why WAMP Server always remains Orange, mostly Skype uses port 80 if you try quit skype and restart all services in WAMP Server, it will run successfully. if this method worked than it is confirm it is port 80 issue with skype. Now you have 2 options […]

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