Terms and Conditions

Coding Sips terms and conditions

Coding Sips terms and conditions

By using codingsips.com we consider you are totally agree to our terms and conditions and policies mentioned on this website. if you have any doubt or objection please avoid using our site until you are totally agreed to these simple policies and terms.

Usage of website

Any visitor or anyone is supposed to use codingsips.com through well know browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or any other such browser. and you are allowed to explore or fetch or view contents through buttons or links provided in website.
We strongly disallow saving or copying of contents including, text articles, Images, videos or any other material through normal or some special application or script.
Web scraping, or content scraping to not allowed on any condition, if anyone found with such illegal activities will be Sued, and will be responsible to any damage, penalty, fine or what so ever according to cyber rules.


As we are giving this service free of cast the only source of income to maintain and survive www.codingsips.com will be generated through decent ads displayed on different pages.
We humbly request to please do not block our site ads, and switch our site in your adblocker to “allowed”. this will help us generate income and maintain our site.


Any material or article or information provided on CodingSips.com is based on my personal knowledge and information, I do not give any warranty or Guaranty for any damage or wrong or outdated information, used any information provided by this website on your own verification and responsibility.
We do not accept any kind of responsibility for any damage, loss or misuse.
I am providing these information as volunteer/social service and do not claim and responsibility for any case.

Comments and discussions

As visitor you are only allowed to input or provide your comments on articles, we expect that your comments will be to explore issues, learn things and help others or request for further expatiation, please do not write anything against any individual or group or company, for any such case you will be responsible for your writings or comments. and we are authorized to disable showing any such comment on our website.

NOTE : Consider other general terms (which are not mentioned here) of open blog are implemented here.

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