Install and configure Android cmdline SDK on windows

Android SDK Configuration

In this blog we will learn how to install and Configure Android SDK, I had used cordova before on widows 8 with android build tools, Yesterday I wanted to reconfigure it again on windows 10 but I got a lot of errors. at last I fixed the problems, lets share with you people so that you can install and configure it easily and build your cordova, phonegap or ionic apps easily.

We have to download 3 things

1- JAVA sdk from this link

2- Android cmdline sdk tools from this link

3- Gradle from this link  downlod Binary-Only

NOTE: Do not download latest version of JAVA SDK, download version 11 from above link, because I downloaded latest version it was not compatible with gradle and spent too much time to know the issue.

After downloading you have to organize it in proper folder structure as below

Files Structure

1- Create a folder named C:\Android

2- Extract Android cmdline sdk zip file in Android folder, its folder name is cmdline-tools, rename it to tools. so the path sould look like below


3- Extract gradle to Gradle zip also in C:\Android, and rename the folder to gradle instead of Gradle-8.8.2


We have to install JAVA first, then Android tools, and then gradle and configure environment variables

1- Install JAVA

Install the download JAVA sdk, it is normal just next.

2- Install Android SDK tools

To install Android sdk tools have to make an environment variable called JAVA_HOME and point it to java installation directory 1 step beyond bin folder e.g. C:\Programe Files\JAVA\jdk-11.0.17

now open cmd and move to sdkmanager bin folder in our folder structure it will be: C:\android\tools\bin

now run below this command

it will show you installed and available packages.

we have to install 3 packages platform-tools, Android-platform and Build-tools. choose the latest stable version of these packages in available platforms, make sure you choosen same versions for all as I have choosen 31 in below packages.

Now run below commands one by one so that you can see if there is any error, in between it migh ask you to press Y/N you have to press Y

After successfully running these commands you might notice new folders have been created in c:\Android folder.

Create Environment Variables

Now we have to create some environment variable, we have already created JAVA_HOME

create below with specified paths

Variable NamePath

Now go into path environment variable and add below entries


This is all, now you should be able to build cordova or ionic app at your PC,  you can check installed android sdk packages by running sdkmanager –list command and notice avaialble packages

java –version

javac –version

gradle –version

to confirm these are properly installed or not

Create and Build test app

create and build test app

lets create and build test cordova app and see the output, follow below commands

All these commands will be taking some time but at end of execution of last command you will get path of built APK

Good luck with Configure Android SDK and happy apps development.


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