New Emirates ID card reading in chrome or windows app software

New Emirates ID reader

This blog is about New Emirates ID card reader app for Google Chrome browser using console application and chrome extension.

I have written a blog for how to read Emirates ID public data in Google Chrome browser via console app and chrome extension.

In October 2021 I received few complaints that some customers are having new version of Emirates ID that is not working.

So I completed my R&D on developing another version of this application to support both old and new Emirates ID cards.

But I noticed this new version of SDK can read less number of data fields.

Anyhow for my projects I have updated the Console application with new SDK, while remaining Chrome extension part is same as explained in my previous blog also explained in below steps. 

Steps to read new Emirates ID cards data

1- Download required dlls and console app v2 and extract it.

2- You will need .net framework 4.7 32 bit installed to run above app

3- Go inside extracted folder and Double click install_host.bat file to create registry key.

4- Download chrome extension named ADCS EID Reader from Google chrome webstore.

Now you will be able to read a card at readme.html as well as here on this page, Insert card in card reader and click below Read Card button
  response from console app will come here

3.2- For coding help open readme.html and see what code is there, you can update control ids and classes but I have the following

3.3- In you page the following html objects should be there

  1. .simulateEidResponse (hide it using css in production mode)
  2. #txtNationalNumber
  3. .btn-readCard
  4. optional, if you are not keeping these than you have to modify .simulateEidResponse click event accordingly.
    • .eid-wrapper
    • .spinner-border

4- Insert card, read it and chill

For Windows applications to read new and old both emirates id cards
or for custom support like to integrate it into your existing application
You can reach me at alampk.com or whatsapp me at 0509187558  
I can develop small app for you as per your requirement and integrate it to your system or export the Emirates ID data to any file or printer. please have a look at ALAM EID Reader Software
If you are confused for hardware devices which one to purchase, I will recommend one from amazon.ae which I tested it is working very well for both old and new Emirates IDs. 
My Recommended Emirates ID Reader Device

View a quick Demo Scannning Old and new both cards in Google chrome