Today I came across mysql transactions here we will learn (mysql transactions core php and cakephp). it is really very important and in most cases there is no alternative to it. Most of the time we have to insert, update and delete in multiple tables while performing single process. Do not consider this transaction the Bank transaction, this transaction is […]

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In this article I will be explaining php basic PDO mysql connection and queries example PDO stands for PHP Data Objects, it provides Multipledatabase access. by multiple database access it means that if we change our database from MySql to MS Access or Sqlite, we just need to make small change in database connection line, all other coding will work […]

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This article will help you connect mysql database with PHP using mysqli function, MySqli is Improved version of mysql function previously provided by PHP which is deprecated in new versions of PHP. Lets start with database connection we need 4 things to connect to database Host : which system/computer has datbase User : what is username to connect to database […]

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