Coding Sips Disclaimer

Coding Sips Disclaimer

I am Programmer since 2011, my academic qualification is Masters of Computer Science, having experience of working with individual clients and companies.
I am writing each and every blog or article totally based on my personal knowledge and experience, I do not advertise any product or service, but want to share my knowledge with other developers to make their life easier.
All the contents of my articles are 100% made, designed, written, tested and verified, I do not copy paste and do not use copyrighted contents of others. My opinion or information may be wrong or not perfect, you are open to correct me by personally contacting me through email or contact page available at this website.

Source of Information

All information provided at this website is totally based on my personal knowledge and experience, Do not consider it as announcement, documentation or update from official body. Although I am try to make official documentation shorter and easy to understand by developers, and trim out things which as developer I do not want, and add my personal detail to make it easier as possible for developers.

Content Ownership

I do not copy paste from other sources, but write my own articles from scratch word by word, along with text other contents like icons, images and videos etc available at codingsips.com are made by me or open to reuse and edit.
As I am human and may do mistake, If you have any claim for some content used in this website which is your copyrighted asset, Before claiming any higher authority please inform me I will happily put it down and help you provide your rights right away in minimum time. You can contact me through email or contact form available at this website.


You can send me your claims through my email alamnaryab2@gmail.com or contact through contact form available at this website

Note : Consider other disclaimer notes and rules as per general web declaimers documents consists.

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