Using Github repository with TortoiseHg GUI

user github repo with tortoisehg

Here in this blog we will learn how to use github repository with TortoiseHG. Normally we use TortoiseHg for bitbucket repositories and TortoiseGit for Github repositories, it looks almost same and feels not much difference. but actually there is much difference in TortoiseHg GUI and TortoiseGit GUI.
If you are used to TortoiseHg (which I think is much easier and user friendly than TortoiseGit) and you want to use Github repository with it, you can do it by the following 2 steps.

How to use github repository with TortoiseHG

  • Enable HGGIT extension
  • prepend git+ to github repo url which is inside synchronize menu

After doing this you will be able to smoothly interact with github repository using TortoiseHg same as you are working with bitbucket repository. you will be able to pull and push easily.

The following are few snaps if you are not able to follow above steps.

using github repo with tortoisehg

using github repo with tortoisehg

using github repo with tortoisehg

hope this was easy. Now you can try pull and push.

It may ask you for username and password each time you pull and push.

we can save username and password at whole TortoiseHg level as well as at each repository level, in this repository level saved authentication will be better.

How to save username/password for repository

  • Goto your project directory, and go inside .hg directory
  • Find file named hgrc, open it in notepad or any other editor
  • paste the following code block at the end, and change your username and password, and save it

let me know if you know more easier method than this one.


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