Get free Payoneer Master Card


Payoneer Master Cards are provided by company named Payoneer, Which is New York based company founded in 2005, they enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries, to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. They provide free Master Card which is best for online shopping, transferring money from/to different countries in different currencies.
You can also use this card as ATM card even in specific banks in Pakistan.

Payoneer has over 3 Million clients from more than 200 countries including Pakistan. they deal in about 150 currencies.

How to get free Payoneer Master Card

It has very simple procedure even more simpler method than opening a local bank account.

  1. Go to Payoneer website and signup:
    Payoneer has referral program, If you are going to Payoneer website through the following green button, you will get free $25 on your first $100 deposit.
    Payoneer link : Create Payoneer Account for Free

    Note: Provide complete and correct information while creating account, In case of incomplete or incorrect information you may have problem using it.
  2. After account creation, They will send you card within a month, Oftenly it reaches in 10 days to Pakistan
  3. When you receive your card, Login to your account at Payoneer website and activate your card
    it is simple to activate your card, click activate card button, They will ask card number may be some other verification.

Once your card is activated you can use it

Other information about Payoneer

  1. currently their normal card has 3 years of validity period, after three years you will have to re-apply for another card.
  2. Payoneer deduct $30 per year as service charges only if you have balance in your account
  3. ATM width-drawl charges are about $2.xx per transaction

Supported ATMs in Pakistan

Payoneer support many ATMs in Pakistan they following are few of them

  1. Muslim Commercial Bank
  2. Standard Chartered Bank
  3. Faysal Bank
  4. Bank Al Falah
  5. Citi Bank


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